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Inspired by the vibrancy and diversity of life witnessed through his travels, Ron McIntyre launched Square Feathers in 2008 from his garage in Austin, Texas. From day one, the mission of Square Feathers was rooted in an unwavering commitment to handmade craftsmanship and distinctive style.

After relentlessly perfecting his craft, Ron began selling handmade pillows from the trunk of his car with the help of his wife, Rebecca. In time, small orders became large orders, and Square Feathers would grow from the garage into a full-sized design and manufacturing studio with a product portfolio that now includes pillows, furniture, and a variety of home décor products.

Ron continues to design 100% of every Square Feathers line, and he and Rebecca now manage a full-time team of 15 people in the company’s Austin headquarters. Ron continues to draw inspiration from the world around him and finds joy in helping customers realize their unique vision for interior design.

The Square Feathers team is driven by the enthusiastic responses from our customers and continues to maintain the same dedication to quality and innovation that Ron envisioned over a decade ago

about us

From our Austin, Texas studio, we create pillows, furniture, art, and home décor that combine unmistakable style with obsessive attention to detail. All Square Feathers products are handmade-to-order by our team of skilled local craftsmen and shipped directly from us to you.

The entire Square Feathers portfolio is conceived and designed in-house by our Founder, Ron McIntyre, with a philosophy of pleasing and teasing a diverse range of tastes and sensibilities. The Square Feathers style is unconventional yet elegant, inviting and playful, and inspires curiosity from interior design aficionados and novices alike.

Our products seamlessly blend traditional style with provocative, modern aesthetics. With splashes of color, unexpected geometric patterns, and tactile textures, our goal us to initiate conversations and awaken the senses.

Design the life you want to live with Square Feathers.